Northern Rock Foundation

Other Research

This section features reports from work we have collaborated on with other funders, or supported through our grants programmes. Reports are shown in order of publication, with the most recent first.

The Health and Wellbeing of HMO Residents in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

HMO Final Report Mar 2015

Welfare Reform in the North East and Its Impacts on Single Homelessness

Full Report May 2014

Think 3: Social capital in the North East: how do we measure up?

Think 3: Full report Apr 2008 Think 3: Executive summary Apr 2008 Think 3: Technical appendix Apr 2008

New migrant communities in North East England and Cumbria

Migrant communities seminar report Jan 2008

The value and independence of the voluntary and community sector

VCS Executive summary Jul 2007 VCS Full report Jul 2007

Foundations for organisational development

Foundations for organisational development report Jan 2007